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Founded by Pinny Loketch, The Loketch Group is a multifaceted interstate real estate management and development organization.

With corporate headquarters in Brooklyn, NY and affiliated offices in Pennsylvania, The Loketch Group has successfully purchased and repositioned over $250 million in nonperforming and underperforming notes, tax liens and assets in ten states, spanning from New York to Florida. The Loketch Group has built ground up over 30 residential buildings as well as office and hotel projects.

The Loketch Group has unparalleled experience in rehabilitation and renewal projects. Possessing renovation and new construction capabilities, The Loketch Group has developed condominiums, rental properties, office buildings and hotels throughout the New York metropolitan area.

The Loketch Group prides itself on its staff of highly trained professionals, which include architectural, legal and project management teams. They are among the most seasoned personnel in the industry and possess the unique ability to move quickly and adapt nimbly to changing conditions nationwide.


Moishe’s Bio

Moishe brings young blood and a fresh perspective to the real estate market, providing the perfect balance to his dad’s legendary persona.

The father and son duo, Pinny and Moishe are often dubbed ‘Loketch Brothers’. It’s a term they are passionate about, as the 2 continue to actively invest and manage properties across the entire Eastern Seaboard and beyond.

Moishe started his real estate career back in 2007 as assistant director of purchasing, where he gained immense knowledge via hands on pricing and valuation of large to miniscule construction costs. From tiles to door knobs, Moishe utilized his sharp acuity and vibrant personality to get far ahead in the nitty gritty aspects of each deal he became part of.

With over a decade at The Loketch Group, working with his dad and partner, Pinny Loketch, Moishe often recounts his initial deals in Harrisburg, PA, which served as a learning curve that inspired his way of doing business. The Loketch Group has evolved into a real estate empire, with Moishe running much of its day to day operations.

Moishe’s ability to transact quickly and efficiently is coupled with his understanding of each deal’s intricacies and budget pro formas. He’s sensitive to the details of a deal, analyzing financials from a developer’s mindset, while dealing directly with the bankers and lenders on a first name basis.

Following his father’s years of credibility in the industry, Moishe spends much of his days managing and purchasing his own properties under The Loketch Group’s umbrella of development and management divisions. He’s since been dubbed, Refi Loketch, an active property refinancing expert that has earned a reputation for self funded investments and direct to bank relationships. Moishe is also known for having his boots on the ground for a firsthand experience in all aspects of property development, having built, owned, sold and purchased multiple properties since he first started. This very hands on approach to property development has morphed into a natural progression into the lending market and is a responsibility he takes seriously. With extensive knowledge in the industry, Moishe is fortunate to be the ebullient dealmaker alongside his father’s famed business sense.

A personable individual, Moishe incorporates his love of BBQ to the company culture where ‘no meeting is complete without insanely good food’. In sync with the team’s ‘work hard, play hard’ mantra, Moishe’s fun loving personality is precisely the way his laid back nature has propelled him to succeed via a rare form of realism and commitment.

Moishe makes a sound investment dealer and a fast friend, a big believer in delegating to his team. ‘I’m a people pleaser, but I know when to transfer a tough decision to a team member’. His go to troubleshooter? ‘Ask Allan’. In his down time, Moishe and his dad are active volunteer members of the US Coast Guard, making the time to give back to the country on a grandiose scale.


Pinny's Bio

There’s a rare form of authenticity in a time worn classic. With over 30 years in the real estate game, Pinny Loketch is as much a vintage persona as his famed classic car addiction.

Known as an industry guru, Pinny has been a developer and real estate influencer since 1986, with a very focused hand at redevelopment and ground up construction. Pinny is one of the most trusted guys in the industry, famously known for clinching multimillion dollar deals with a simple handshake.

Having actively completed property gentrification and new construction across the Eastern Seaboard, Pinny has renovated and stabilized over 10K units from NY to DC, as well as some developments down South, at Florida’s waterfront areas. His varied experiences in construction have awarded him an acclaimed status as a sought after developer and investor. In a world where a word can cost millions in asset value, Pinny’s word is often more reliable than a written contract.

While Pinny has maintained a name as one to deliver a project above and beyond the feasible expectations, his firm takes pride in an exemplary job across a wide margin of sq ft sales rates. With a reputation as a distinguished investment partner, he uses his CEO status at The Loketch Group to create a new class of development capability.

The Loketch Group is a multi national real estate development corporation which has to date developed approximately 30 ground up projects and currently manages over 3,000 rental units.

A man of means, values and personality, Pinny is a passionate politician and avid influencer on twitter, yet he simultaneously maintains a rare form of connection with bankers and mortgage firms, using his far reaching relationships to syndicate, finance and complete multi million dollar property deals across the nation’s prime areas.

With a reputation that precedes that of any of his peers and colleagues, Pinny’s business integrity and good humor have reinforced his position in the real estate space and beyond. Currently residing in Brooklyn, Pinny is a generous benefactor and family guy, most notably known for his honest reputation in business.

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